Volunteer of the Month for October 2011


As a student at UNC-Charlotte studying Spanish, Nancy wanted an opportunity to immerse herself in the language and culture. Originally a Women’s Advocate volunteer with our Domestic Violence Program, she now finds herself doing much more. Nancy teaches a basic level computer class in Spanish, conducts phone surveys to clients to measure their satisfaction, assists clients with their resumes, translates job postings, and does follow up with potential employers. On top of all of this, she is one of our biggest cheerleaders outside of the Coalition, recruiting fellow students as volunteers, and encouraging professors to become involved.

As a Women’s Advocate, Nancy accompanies victims of domestic violence to their court hearings, not to speak on their behalf, but to act as their support system throughout the process. Her most memorable experience was her first visit to the courthouse in uptown Charlotte. She says, “I was so struck by how huge, and cold, and austere the place is. And, it’s my native town and country. I was struck by how intimidating it really must be for someone who can’t even read the signs, and communicate to find a courtroom.”

Being a volunteer at the Coalition has changed her perspective. “I would say that I am more aware of the amount of need that’s out there, the plight of undocumented citizens, what a complex issue it is, and how it really needs to be discussed…They’re just trying to make a life.”

Nancy has been instrumental in continuing the development of the Women’s Advocate group.  Her ambitious plans for the future include establishing a Latina co-op for women and begin conducting interview training for workers.  Thank you, Nancy, for your countless hours of service. We are truly lucky to have you.

Our Volunteer Program is funded by Hispanics in Philanthropy Funders’ Collaborative for Strong Latino Communities.


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