Volunteer of the Month for November 2011

By Bonnie Carter


I have said it many times, our volunteers are like family. They walk through our beige office doors as mere strangers and before you know it, they are sitting at our kitchen table laughing at jokes during lunch. This has never been truer than with this month’s volunteer of the month, Armando.

Armando started off with the youth groups of the Coalition. With United 4 the DREAM he has helped educate the public about anti-immigrant legislation and the harsh realities undocumented citizens face everyday. Fulfilling a huge need in the Latino community, he and College Access Para Todos work to give Latino and undocumented students the information they need to attend college. Now he finds himself doing a little bit of everything from making copies, to setting up before our cultural events while continuing to be actively involved in U4TD and CAPT, and keeping up with his school work. Counting the days Armando is not here at the Coalition would be a hard task. He is constantly asking how he can help and if any of the staff members need anything.

Armando has now set his sights on a new goal, the Latin American Coalition’s Board of Directors. I asked him if there is anything else he is interested in doing here and with enthusiasm he responded, “There is one thing, getting on the Board!” He says, “I just thought… if I got on the board while I’m young, it would just make a difference for me, like I achieved something.”

Welcome to the family, Armando. Congratulations on being this month’s volunteer of the month!

Our Volunteer Program is funded by Hispanics in Philanthropy Funders’ Collaborative for Strong Latino Communities.


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