Volunteer of the Month for February 2012

By Bonnie Carter


Jeb discovered La Coalición while searching for a summer internship at UNCC. He was working on his undergraduate degree in International Business and decided he would like to learn more about the non-profit world. Within the first month of being in the Resource Center, Jeb’s interest in non-profits turned into a new career aspiration.

During his time in the Resource Center he connected many of our clients to valuable resources in the community, like food. He learned that when working face to face with our neighbors, “The first step isn’t to say ‘oh, you’ve got to fix this problem.’ The first step is to care for people, to understand their needs, and really work towards that. I think that was one thing I didn’t understand about social work before I started here.” Jeb has since transitioned into the Job Bank where he helps clients with their resumes, in hopes of finding gainful employment.

At the end of the day, we all want to find purpose in what we do. Jeb says he continues to dedicate time to La Coalición “because I feel like all the work I do here is very meaningful.”

Jeb, thank you for the many hours of support and commitment. Our work is only possible with support from volunteers like you. Congrats on being the Volunteer of the Month!

Our Volunteer Program is funded by Hispanics in Philanthropy Funders’ Collaborative for Strong Latino Communities.


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