Undocumented students come out during committee meeting


This is edited footage of undocumented youth coming out and interrupting a North Carolina legislature meeting on immigration on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

From the NC Dream Team (the organization behind the action):

Uriel Alberto, Estephania Mijangos and Cynthia Martinez have been arrested after challenging the Select Committee on the State’s Role in Immigration Policy. They publicly declared themselves undocumented in the overwhelmingly anti-immigrant leaning committee hearing.

We are NC, a North Carolina coalition of immigrant-affirming groups (of which the Latin American Coalition is a member), issued this statement about the action:

We are NC supports the efforts of community members to be heard during this committee process. Today’s action is indicative of the frustration that many feel at being shut out of the process of determining a right path for the future of North Carolina. Immigrant communities and allies have been asked to remain silent while members of the committee and presenters have obfuscated the issue of immigration and branded immigrants as criminals. We reject an approach to a complex issue such as this that does not allow testimony from those whose very lives will be impacted by the decisions made inside the chamber. We hope the committee will consider public opinion in their future deliberations.

Follow the story as it develops on the NC Dream Team website.


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