International Women’s Day

By Megan Walsh


Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. As an organization that champions the human rights of immigrants and, subsequently, all people, upholding the respect, dignity, and rights of women benefits us all.

International Women’s Day, by its very name, transcends borders and nationalities and is celebrated in over 70 countries around the world. Here at La Coalición we see that international diversity on a daily basis, from our staff and interns to the new and established immigrants we serve. For instance, according to the Center for American Progress, immigrant women in the United States (documented and undocumented combined) comprise more than half of all immigrants and play a significant economic and integrative role in our society and economy.

Artwork by Favianna Rodriguez

While progress has been made in women’s advancement, there is still much to be done. Women’s pay is still not commensurate to that of their male counterparts, women are underrepresented in business and politics, women’s health issues and education are underfunded, and violence against women remains a critical problem. Then consider that all these issues are magnified when you’re an immigrant. At La Coalición, we see and hear about these women’s issues and struggles on a daily basis. And we’re working tirelessly every day to help the women in our community overcome them through education, access to information, and empowerment.

So today, and every day, take time to contemplate the significant, unique, and vital role that our sisters, mothers, and partners play in our society. Continued vigilance and action is required to ensure that women’s equality and dignity is gained and maintained in all aspects of life.


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