The Pulse

By Megan Walsh


The Pulse is a weekly roundup of interesting reads. Delivered fresh every Monday.

Integrante de U4TD gana beca para Queens
El sufrimiento por estar separado de su familia, y la lucha para seguir sobresaliendo en sus estudios, pese a su drama personal, fueron recompensados.

Miami valedictorian gets deportation reprieve and heads to DC
After an outcry of support from friends, teachers and the community, valedictorian and undocumented student Daniela Pelaez was granted a two year reprieve from deportation. A perfect example of why the DREAM Act is necessary.

An analysis of anti-immigrant legislation and the forces behind them
Mother Jones report on self-deportation, detrimental anti-immigrant laws, and the extreme forces behind them.

Latino voters favor the DREAM Act and path to citizenship
A national poll of Latino voters by Fox News Latino and Latin Insights found that 90% supported the DREAM Act, as well as other paths to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

NC town shows what happens when immigrants are embraced [VIDEO]
Mount Olive, NC made international news due to the city’s transformation and positive reaction shown to immigrants to the area. Their small-town hospitality has reaped visible benefits of both community diversity and positive economic growth.


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