Volunteer of the month for March 2012

By Bonnie Carter


February 14th marked the beginning of the fourth semester that Logan has taught adult ESL (English as a second language) classes at the Latin American Coalition.

Each semester he returns with the same amount of dedication and excitement for his class. He recognizes that for his students learning English is about overcoming a barrier to a better job, being able to communicate with doctors and teachers, and the overall ability to provide for their families. “Understanding that many of my students face this pressure and these challenges on a daily basis, I’m always amazed not only by their commitment to improving their English abilities as exhibited by their class attendance, but at the enthusiasm and passion to learn that they constantly display.”

Volunteering at La Coalición provides Logan with an avenue to continue his commitment to community service and volunteerism, something he craved after graduating from college. With his long history of coaching sports and leadership in the Boy Scouts when he was younger, taking on the role as an ESL Instructor suits him perfectly.

Logan, you treat your students as your peers and develop real friendships with them.  Thank you for the many hours you give to make your class a success each semester. Your students adore you. Congratulations!

Become a volunteer! Check out our current opportunities.

Our Volunteer Program is funded by Hispanics in Philanthropy Funders’ Collaborative for Strong Latino Communities.


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