The Pulse

By Megan Walsh


The Pulse is a weekly roundup of interesting reads. Delivered fresh every Monday.

States Proposing Tuition Equality for Undocumented Immigrants
While many states have enforced draconian anti-immigrant laws that end up leaving youths unable to continue higher education, others are taking progressive steps to push for better access to higher education for undocumented students.

Compania Financial Dona Fondos Para Ayudar a Estudiantes Indocumentados
Western Union dono a 25 mil dolares para ayudar a estudiantes indocumentados como parte del DREAM Act de Illinois.

Nannies, Farm Workers and Laborers Exempt from SC Immigration Checks
Mandatory SC immigration checks leave loopholes for nannies, laborers, and pastors which, ironically, are the positions that most undocumented immigrants currently hold.

White House Sends Delegation to Meet with NC Latinos
White house officials met with Latinos in NC to discuss immigration, health care and jobs, as well as listen to other concerns of the Latino community.

US Policies Encourage Immigrants to Stay
Though the United States has enacted laws to improve the nation’s immigration system, these policies have unintentionally encouraged immigrants to remain in the United States.


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