Let’s do it together

By Armando Bellmas


On Wednesday, the Latin American Coalition and We Are NC wowed state lawmakers with a unified message of a strong, safe, and prosperous North Carolina.

We have more than just hope — we have the facts.

Percentage of North Carolina’s children that have immigrant parents and are U.S. citizens.

Number of U.S. citizen children under 21 years of age who can apply for an immigrant visa for their parents or siblings.

Amount paid in state and local taxes in North Carolina by undocumented immigrants in 2011.

Number of years before an immigrant with lawful permanent residence can receive public benefits.

Number of state-based anti-immigrant laws that have been fully implemented because of court challenges.

And here’s one final number:

Amount you can donate now to stop misguided immigration laws in North Carolina.

We can do better than Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arizona.

Let’s do it together.


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