Bienvenidos a todos

By Kristina Bergan, Resource Center Coordinator



Every day, our Immigrant Welcome Center assists new and long-time members of our community with a variety of questions and issues. The crisis intervention, victim’s assistance, and integration support we provide helps build long term stability and full civic and economic participation in our community.

Here are some numbers from the first 3 months of 2012.

Clients that have asked for help understanding and/or filling out English-language paperwork.

Number of times workers have come to us seeking help with labor rights issues, such as obtaining payment for work they have done and were not paid for.

Referrals filled out and processed for qualified individuals for Crisis Assistance Ministries’ Free Furniture Bank.

Visits that parents have made to our Padres en la Onda sessions in order to learn more about their children’s educational future and potential resources.

Clients in crisis that were referred to Loaves & Fishes, a local 7-day emergency food pantry, so that they can feed their family.

Find out more about our Immigrant Welcome Center or make a donation to help us continue this vital resource in our community.


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