The Pulse

By Megan Walsh


The Pulse is a weekly roundup of interesting reads. Delivered fresh every Monday.

Hablan a Favor de Inmigrantes
Cientos de activistas comunitarios, religiosos, juveniles y representantes de organizaciones presentes en el Comité de Inmigración de la legislatura estatal de NC hablaron a favor de los inmigrantes.

ICE Deported More Than 46,000 Immigrants with US Citizen Children Last Year
ICE announced that 46,000 parents of US citizen children were deported the first half of 2011.

USCIS Proposes to Amend its Waiver Regulations
Under the new waiver, certain immediate relatives of US citizens present in the US could request provisional unlawful presence waivers prior to departing for processing of their immigrant visa applications.
Conservatives Plan to Introduce Version of DREAM Act
A version of the DREAM Act by conservative leaders, including Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, holds promise.

Merger of 3 Charlotte Charities to Aid Struggling Homeowners
United Family Services, the Latin American Coalition and Community Link have combined their homeowner counseling divisions to create one of NC’s largest foreclosure prevention programs.


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