Mind Your Own Business

By Jess George, Executive Director

The staff and board of the Latin American Coalition are continuously challenging ourselves to grow and evolve by asking tough questions.

What are our priorities?

Are we staying relevant to the community serve?

What business are we in?

These questions help us stay focused on the most critical needs of immigrant families while honoring our strengths and capacity. By challenging our assumptions and holding ourselves to higher standard, we often come up with new, creative ideas and opportunities.

At the end of 2011, the Latin American Coalition tackled an ambitious new opportunity that emerged from some tough questions. After a deep analysis of our programming model, we decided to merge our first time homebuyers program with that of Community Link and United Family Services to collectively create one of North Carolina’s largest foreclosure prevention efforts. This partnership has improved services for Latino homeownership and foreclosure clients while allowing each organization involved to focus on our respective missions.

As champions for immigrant integration, the Coalition is happy to have partners like Community Link and United Family Services that deeply understand our collective responsibility to meet the needs of our region’s growing Latino and immigrant communities.

As for the future of the Latin American Coalition, we continue to develop our multifaceted approach to promote justice and equity. Through our distinct organizational structure — including direct integration services, statewide civic engagement initiatives and cultural programs — the Latin American Coalition is creating a more vibrant, prosperous and cohesive society.

In the end, that is our business.


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