Not in Arizona, Not in North Carolina

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications

On April 25th, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments concenring the constitutionality of state-based immigration legislation, specifically Arizona’s SB 1070, the first of a rash of extreme anti-immigration laws that have infected and divided our nation.

One of the major components of the law authorizes police throughout Arizona to ask any individual whom they suspect of being in the country without legal status for documentation. This opens the door to the discrimination and racial profiling of anyone who may look Latino or “different,” regardless of their actual status, age, or anything else for that matter.

The Center for American Progress elaborates:

Arizona’s “show me your papers” law undermines the basic notion of equality enshrined in the constitution. It encourages racial and ethnic profiling based on how people look or how they speak, and essentially legalizes harassment and discrimination.

Concerning the Supreme Court hearing:

If the Court strikes down S.B. 1070, it sends a clear message that it is the federal government that is best suited to protect our civil rights. But if the Court upholds the law, it gives the green light to other states to pass their own harsh anti-immigrant laws, and could lead to a newly segregated United States, where some states are welcoming to immigrants and people of color, and others are not.

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Wednesday, April 25th and rules on the constitutionality of the state-based anti-immigranmt legislation sometime in June.

The Latin American Coalition insists that the Supreme Court strike down the Arizona law, in effect stopping the North Carolina House Select Committee of the State’s Role Immigration from pursuing their own anti-immigrant agenda, uphold the American value of civil rights, and push our federal lawmakers to take real action concerning our broken immigration system.

[Photo courtesy of Fibonacci Blue]


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