The Pulse

By Armando Bellmas


Children are the unwitting victims of anti-immigrant policies
The U.S.-born children of immigrants, and newcomers who arrive at an early age, have deep roots in their communities. But for children from households lacking documentation, their or their parents’ status hangs over their daily lives and future.

U.S. vs. Arizona — what it really means
When it comes to immigration enforcement, where does the federal government’s territory end and state power begin?

First reports from inside the Supreme Court on SB 1070
Although no clear majority emerged one way or another, Justice Antonin Scalia led the charge among justices inclined to agree with Arizona.

Why Arizona’s immigration law is bad for business
Arizona business leaders chime in on why anti-immigrant legislation is short-sighted and bad for business in many respects.

Empleo entre latinos crece más que en otros grupos
Según un reciente estudio del Centro Pew, el nivel de empleo en la población latina ha crecido de forma más acelerada que el promedio nacional en los últimos cuatro años.


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