The Pulse

By Megan Walsh

The Pulse is a weekly roundup of interesting reads. Delivered fresh every Monday.

Minorities, or ‘Children of Color’ Surpass Births in 2011
Census figures reveal that minorities now make up 50.4% of the US population under 1 year old for the first time in history.

Latino and Black Voting Power Grows in North Carolina and Florida
The number of Latino and black voters has grown in NC and Florida, though new voting restrictions could undermine their potential voting power.

Alabama Passes Awful Anti-immigrant Law Revision
The Governor of Alabama signed into effect an even harsher anti-immigrant bill, which includes provisions that require public school officials to check the status of schoolchildren.

Deportación de Gabino Sanchez Retrasada
Cientos de miembros de la comunidad, incluyendo organizaciones y religiosos, dieron su apoyo para parar la deportación de Gabino Sanchez. El Sr. Sanchez gano un alivio migratorio parcial y tendrá que presentar su caso en una audiencia privada en 2013.

Campaign Seeks to Get Registered Voters to Speak and Cast Ballot for Undocumented
In Arizona, a group of young immigrant activists urge registered voters to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.


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