Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

By Briana Duggan

You know pillaging islands isn’t all just fun and games. It’s hard work and even pirates need their refreshment.

Back in the 1500s when the New World was a European grab-bag and the seas were lawless, an Englishman named Francis Drake was an infamous pirate. He used to cause chaos up and down the South American coast and into the Caribbean.

But looting and plundering under that tropical sun can take it out of you, even if you are the fiercest pirate around. To quench his thirst, Drake used to make a concoction of unrefined run, muddled mint, ice, and lime juice. One story says that this was the first mojito, now a representative drink of Drake’s homebase island, present day Cuba.

We’ll have plenty of mojitos to quench your thirst during ¡AZÚCAR! — our Caribbean celebration on Friday, June 1. Get your tickets now, bring your dancing shoes, and an appetite for some delicious Cuban and Dominican food. But perhaps it’s best to leave that talking parrot at home.




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