The Pulse

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communications

The Pulse is a weekly roundup of news and issues in English and Spanish. Published every Friday.

When U.S. citizen children are forced to leave with a deported parent
“Jeffrey, like many other children whose parents have moved them to a country they do not know, seems to be teetering between catching up to his classmates and falling further behind. His parents are struggling to find work and keep their marriage together. Jeffrey, in quieter moments, said he was just trying to endure until he could go home.”

¿Qué moviliza el voto latino?
Expertos dicen que el tema de inmigración moviliza más que la economía. De cualquier manera, la movilización del voto latino para las próximas elecciones es clave, sobre todo, en los estados, como Carolina del Norte, donde la población latina es muy grande.

Young people and deferred action for DREAMers
“I am undocumented, but I am also human. I’m afraid of being deported, but I’m not afraid to fight for my rights,” said Barrios, who came to the U.S. from Guatemala at age 14. “This is the first step. This is the beginning of something productive.”

Un gran alivio para los padres de familia
“Voy a ponerme a estudiar otra vez de inmediato, porque no quiero perder esta oportunidad. Así no me voy a tener que pasar toda la vida trabajando en una cocina.”

The beneficial impact of immigrants
In regions where immigrants have settled in the past two decades, crime has gone down, cities have grown, poor urban neighborhoods have been rebuilt, and small towns that were once on life support are springing back. Why, then, has there been such a persistent backlash?


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