La Coalicion will continue to Fight Anti-Immigrant Laws


(June 25, 2012) Today’s announcement by the Supreme Court strikes down most of Arizona’s tough immigration law as an unlawful infringement on federal power. This ruling should serve as a warning to State lawmakers who would seek to enact similar legislation in North Carolina.  States and localities around the country are increasingly rejecting these laws, as divisive, expensive, unworkable and contrary to our values.

While the supreme court has severely limited the Arizona law, by permitting the  “show me your papers” provision to go into effect — a policy which requires police officers to determine whether someone is lawfully present based on undefined “reasonable suspicion” — the Supreme Court has indirectly legitimized racial profiling for U.S. citizens and immigrants alike.  Nevertheless, we are confident that all of this law and others like it will ultimately be struck down as discriminatory racial profiling.

“These anti-immigrant policies are in direct violation of the values of North Carolina and our country as a whole. Sadly, states that have enacted anti-immigrant laws face serious economic and safety consequences as a result of their shortsightedness,” said Jess George, Executive Director of the Latin American Coalition. “North Carolina can do better.”

The Latin American Coalition will continue to advocate for federal comprehensive immigration reform, fight against anti-immigrant legislation in North Carolina, and embark on an unprecedented effort to register members of our community to vote. Lawmakers who champion racial profiling policies will be held accountable. We will not stop fighting for our basic civil rights and challenging unjust laws. We are on the right side of history.


Armando Bellmas / Megan Walsh
Latin American Coalition


The Latin American Coalition is a community of Latin Americans, immigrants and allies that promotes full and equal participation of all people in the civic, economic and cultural life of North Carolina through education, celebration and advocacy


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