Creative Loafing drops the i-word

By Armando Bellmas, Director of Communcations

Creative Loafing, the Charlotte-based newspaper, took a bold step this week by pledging to drop the i-word from its pages. Creative Loafing will immediately cease the use of the word “illegal” to describe human beings of any status.

From Editor in Chief Mark Kemp’s editorial:

We at Creative Loafing Charlotte have decided to stop using “illegal” at all times when describing human beings of any status. And we’ve chosen to make it official by joining the “Drop the ‘I’ Word” campaign

Many things are illegal — murder, rape, driving while impaired, selling drugs — but simply living in a country without proper documentation does not make a human being any more of an “illegal” than a driver without a license. People are not “illegals,” and we will not be defining them that way. We promise.

Pictured in the photo above are members of United 4 The Dream, group of young people who inspire us every day with their passion for social justice. They have been building the Drop The i-Word campaign in Charlotte since 2011.

While it isn’t always an easy road, actions like the one Creative Loafing has taken — along with the over 2,000 pledges they’ve collected from individuals around Charlotte to Drop The i-Word — make all their hard work worthwhile.

Read the whole cover story.



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