The Pulse

By Armando Bellmas

The Pulse is a weekly roundup of news and issues in English and Spanish. Published every Friday.

Creative Loafing drops the i-word
“We [at Creative Loafing] think the i-word is dehumanizing and perpetuates a negative stereotype of people who come to this country in search of a better life for themselves and their families.” Creative Loafing takes a stand.

Senadores de California aprueban proyecto ‘anti-Arizona’
“El TRUST Act ayudará a que los policías locales reconstruyan la confianza entre las comunidades asiáticas, latinas y muchos otros grupos de inmigrantes que están temerosos de reportar delitos por la posibilidad de ser sujetos a la deportación a través del [programa] Secure Communities.”

How Deferred Action will help the U.S. economy
“Any policy that encourages more young people in the United States to get college degrees is a boon to the economy. The President’s deferred action initiative will encourage hundreds of thousands of unauthorized youths to improve their lives, and to give back more to the country they call home.”

Nueva Jersey ratifica ley que permite inscribir a estudiantes sin importar estatus migratorio
“Es importante que les recordemos a los distritos escolares que la situación inmigratoria de los niños, no afecta su elegibilidad para concurrir a las escuelas públicas.”

Deportation is bad
“The profound psychological and emotional impact on these children was clear: Parental detention and deportation leave long-lasting scars in their lives as well as in the lives of their parents.”


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