Latin American Festival Preview: Plaza de Artistas

By Briana Duggan, Cultural Events Coordinator

He started off with matchsticks. He was in the army and had plenty of time, so he decided to build something.

About a year later, Victor Gomez finished this:

A replica of the Eiffel tower. It’s not exact, but close enough. To make it easier to move, it’s made in several pieces, tied together with tiny pieces of thread.

Now Gomez works with balsa wood. It’s more precise, he says.

In the thirty years that he’s been making these wooden structures, Gomez has made everything you can think of. There are lighthouses, there are bridges, there are castles. There are winding staircases that lead to otherworldly seeming buildings.

Gomez makes his pieces to be viewed from all sides. You’ll find surprises in them – sometimes it’s a door that turns into a drawbridge or it’s an outhouse out back.

Today Gomez lives with his wife and children in Waxhaw. And in case you were wondering, he’s built a replica of Waxhaw’s main street, too.

He’ll be displaying his work at the Latin American Festival on October 14, 2012. Come out and you’ll be able to see more of his structures (from all sides!) at the Plaza de Artistas.


The Latin American Festival is on Sunday, October 14, 2012 from 12-8pm, rain or shine, at Symphony Park at South Park Mall. Tickets are $5.


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