The butterfly

By Bonnie Carter, Volunteer Coordinator

Migration — our country is built on it. It’s part of your history, my history, our history. Let’s face it, we simply wouldn’t be here if someone in our family had not decided long ago, or maybe not so long ago, to migrate for new opportunity elsewhere. Maybe it was based on need, maybe it wasn’t. Either way, here we are, carrying our tangled maps of movement in our blood and in our minds. It’s part of the fabric that makes up who we are, our culture.

On the walls of La Coalición’s Immigrant Welcome Center you will find a large butterfly filled with the stories of our clients, staff, volunteers, and visitors. Each story begins with “I am from…” or “Yo soy de…” and ends with something that connects each individual to their personal story of migration. It could be a dicho or saying that you grew up with, a particular food or smell you remember as a child, or a description of your hometown. The possibilities are endless. Whether your story starts in New York or New Guinea, Spain or Panamá, share it with us.

So, why a butterfly? As a symbol of freedom, the monarch butterfly has come to represent the immigrant rights movement. Here are a few butterflies from our walls.


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